5 Days

5 days and counting til the big day kids--and lucky for me, i think i will have a little friend in town (no, not the kind of friend that cheers you on, the kind that can really put a damper on a lot of things) How do i know that this "friend" will be in town?

1. i got a little emotional and leaky at IHOP...yes, that's right, i sniffled over scrambled eggs and toast. luckily susie was there to therapatize me. what was wrong? i have no idea, i just know that there is a time of the month when the tears just start flowing :) i think that the waitress def. thought i was crazy, and yes i probably was

2. i am really really hungry. it is like i am feeding a tape worm. lucky for my waistline i will be running 26 miles in about 5 days.

3. all i want to do is lay in my bed

yes, that might be too much information for the kiddies in the audience, but i thought it was pertinent information for the day.

my friend tyrell got engaged last night...they are dropping like flies, and i don't like it....but i am def. super happy for her--in fact, i am so happy, that i am taking her as my date to a holiday party and gala this thursday.

the funny thing about that last comment? i was actually going to take a boy--but really, in the past week i have learned that my friends are more dependable, caring, and loyal than any boys :) actually, i already knew that, i just am learning it more and more every day lately.

i am out like hyper-colored t-shirts


It is the week before the marathon, and i am super anxious, stressed, excited, and uptight...so i thought that blogging might help to ease some of these feelings....and i don't really leave for lunch ever--so this might be a nice way to unwind in the middle of the day. i hope everyone enjoys a little bit of jessi in their day

I got up and ran this morning at 5:30. crazy, yes. but i wanted to make sure that my body knew what it was like to get up early and run in the cold. the funny thing about this mornings run, is this: something really pissed me off this weekend, and everytime i thought about it, i started running faster, and before i knew it, i was very tired, and home much sooner than expected. i also realized that i just might look like phoebe when i run--remember that friends episode when rachel is embarassed to run with phoebe because she looks ridiculous...yes, i think that i must look ridiculous, because i get a lot stares when i run....

so.... 6 days till the big race....and like i said i am a bit nervous. not nervous in the sense that i want to finish in a certain time, more nervous that i won't physically make it over the finish line. but....i think i will....even if i cross it crawling, with 2 knee braces on, dried sweat on my face, delirious and puking....all that matters is that it will all be over soon....and then the weekend after there will be serious celebration--to include one bottle of wine all to myself. :)

well, there will be more to come later over lunch--more about my weeknd, because i know everyone is dying to know about it