blogging...it's my pre-new years resolution

okay - i am back...and because of my lengthy absence, i am going to simply sum up the month of December, and because i love you, here are some pictures to go along with it....

The 1/2 marathon...considering my not-so-stellar dedication to training, i consider my performance pretty decent. I finished 3963rd out of 7147 people...that means i was faster than 3184 people...

My mom was in charge of two things...making it to the half way point to take any unwanted clothing i planned on shedding and to take pictures. She succeeded at one...taking my clothes. This is the ONLY decent photo that i found on my camera...and it is in black and white. Apparently taking race photos is now a photographic art.

No worries, mom, some day i will teach you the intricacies of modern technology.

(i am in the white hat)

I was only sore for one day...although, that soreness was like nothing i have ever felt before in my life...

Our company 'Holiday' party was in SLC last week, and so I was fortunate enough to get a free vacation to see my family, and to hang out with Evan. Here are some pictures...

This is Dari...before we opened presents...thankfully she got some new clothes and she didn't have to run around naked anymore.

This is post-presents...playing with play dough...Dari is in her new clothes (thanks to yours truly) and Lelia is in her Snow White outfit - sans the black wig.

This is post-play dough...and my favorite time ever....LOVE her.

Saturday night was the Vanguard Holiday Party...I would post a pic of Evan and I at the party here....but, i didn't have my camera, and he has the pics (ahem). The Christmas party was a fun time - Evan and I really enjoy awkward moments such as "This is my date Evan." (awkward pause) other person replies, "oh....so are you guys...wait," "no, we are not 'together' just together....see, he never really broke up with me in highschool and now....., you know what, it is a really long story, but we do qualify for common law marriage."

That night it snowed, and it was awesome.....the next day Alison and I went to Park City on a mini-vaca, and that was amazing. Park City is like a little Winter Wonderland, and I am a huge fan.

Well, until next time kiddos -