This is a blog that I posted post-marathon on myspace: for your viewing pleasure!!

hi friends! i know most of you probably got a text from me at mile 22 and then at the finish...but i just wanted to give a little update, post-marathon experience.....and i have missed myspace all weekend, and just needed to give it some love...so here we go.

First of all, at mile 22 when i stopped to get water, i was a bit drained and discouraged, so I sincerely appreciated all of the reply texts that i got....like i say all of the time, i have the best friends in THE WORLD!!!

For the two pics that i took on my phone--please see "more pictures" (because I still don't know how to put them in my blog )

So, i got a little teary eyed at the beginning--with the national anthem, the salute to soldiers, and just being there before dawn with lots of fireworks, it was a little emotional....and then i told myself that i probably shouldn't waste any precious energy on crying, cuz the next 26.2 miles would be even harder.

Here are some highlights, because I am sure you don't REALLY want the play by play--

I ran behind a group of Elvis' (see more photos)....and one was drinking a miller lite.
There were less port-a-potties than expected, leading me to stop at a Circle K to use the bathroom.....good thing i wasn't aiming for a personal best.

By the time I got to the food table at mile 22, they had run out of food....i was seriously seriously hungry, and that wasn't cool.

BUT, after i passed the foodless food table, someone on the side of the road gave me mustard pretzels and a dixie cup of beer

Then i crossed the finish line---and got a little teary eyed again.

Here is the kicker--I was on the phone with my friend hillary, and i was standing there with my parents, this was literally 2 minutes after i finished. and some guy asked me out on a date for later that night....i had dried salt on my face from my sweat....I said "i am sorry, what did you just say?" and he said it again, and I said "i am really sorry, but no"---k bye!!

And today, i feel like there are knives being stabbed into every major muscle in my body...i am seriously moving like a 90-year-old lady....it is pathetic.

Okay, so that is enough for now kiddies....again thanks for all of your support....now that it is over, it is balls to the walls partying---i would like to compare it to my college days

Peace in the East (and the west)