Float trip ...... and knee

friday night we left for lake havasu - driving in the desert can be scary...especially when the girls you are with insist on telling horror stories from their child hood and scary books that they have read....

we woke up at 6:45 on sat morning and met at the grocery store at 7 where we shopped for lunch and beverages. the grocery store probably hasn't got that much action at the crack of dawn since last year's float trip- there were a lot of eager rafters there.

it didn't take long to realize that my raft was inferior to all other rafts...but really i didn't care...it was 8 dollars....and it did the trick.

we sailed away at about 9 in the morning....nutri-grain breakfast bar and michelob ultra light in hand - the breakfast of champs :)

the concentration of tatted bodies and pierced appendages was higher than that of fake body parts in the summerlin 24 hour fitness.....well maybe not really....but there were a LOT of tattoos and a lot of piercings - just a touch of class. i met a guy named monty....he assured me that yes, "you know, as in the full monty." to which i reply, "yes, i am familiar with that movie, and thanks for the clarification."

sunday i slept like a little sunburned baby on the couch for quite some time...it was amazing.
so....about my skinned up knee.....

i woke up this morning to go running before work. I realized that tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary since the LV marathon...and i can barely run 4 miles.

so...in an attempt to rectify that....i decided i would start running again.

side note....since the marathon....i DESPISE running outside...it really just reminds me of that 26.2 miles that i have come to equate to a slow miserable death...my body hated me in training/during the race/when it was over. SO.....running outside kind of makes me want to cry.
i am trying to over come that.

so Blue (my iPod) and I went for a jaunt. just as i am thinking to myself "see this isn't so bad....a little hot, but not terrible."

and then i fell

yes, i fell. i don't know what happened, and thankfully i couldn't ask anyone because no one saw me.

i do know that i rolled my ankle....and skinned up my knee.

sweeeet....my knee resembles that of a 10 year old boy who is learning how to skate board.


Basketball and Float Trip

it's friday...i think i am going to unofficially make friday's my blog day - so while i finish my cream of wheat...and before i get to work.....here it is:

First subject: Basketball

I played basketball last night with some girls, well....like 8 girls and 2 guys...that doesn't really matter, what DOES matter, is that someone had some MAJOR body odor issues. i am not just talking like "oh, someone is kinda smelly out here." i am talking "WHOA....that stink is so bad, i am worried that it might stain my clothes"

after the brief worry that it could be me...i quickly ruled that out...it most definitely was not.

it was the girl i was guarding

i am guarding smelly girl.......and i think that it affected my shot.

and i thought swimming was the only sport that you timed your breathing - i was wrong - when you are playing with smelly girl....it is important, and rather imperative that you time your inhales - do not breathe in while she is in a 5 foot radius, or for the 3 seconds after she runs past you.

enough of that - because frankly...just talking about it makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

second subject: FLOAT TRIP ON SATURDAY

over my lunch hour on tuesday, i went to Wal-mart in search for the perfect float/raft/tube. even though wal-mart is a bad place with under-payed employees who get minimal benefits, and are governed by the "big men" who give a mere .5% of their earnings to charity----and continue to drive out mom-and-pop shops......Wal Mart IS probably the best selection of not-so-expensive floating devices....

I got two rafts: one for me....and one for our cooler :)

My raft:
i feel pretty comfortable with my decision.....i won't be constantly submerged in the water at all times...but if i so choose to lounge in some river water...i think that is possible as well. It also has a cup holder.....duh.

The cooler's raft:
The first one is a little lobster type guy....he is there to carry our cooler of goodies......I thought this would be perfect because I think we can figure out a way to keep some stuff dry on him....

Finally - if you want to read a blog that is even better than mine:

Friday Blog - update

that's right kids....it's been a while since i have written an actual personal blog...so i think it is just that time.

secondly......it is summer....i was going to write about it being my first summer without a summer vacation...but that's not true. LAST summer was the first summer without a vacation...but considering i was in Europe for some of it, and unemployed...it feels like this is my first summer in the real world. and i don't like.

there was a shooting in my neighborhood last weekend....so i guess that is kind of a big deal. no worries, it was an isolated incident, and i believe the kid who was shot in the leg and the back is going to recover nicely. i mean....who does that? who shoots people? really...i think we live in a pretty nice neighborhood - one next door neighbor doesn't like our yelping dog (neither do i) and the other neighbors only speak a couple words of english....just when you think that you're safe...someone goes around shooting at people. did i mention my roomate's boyfriend left our front door unlocked the next night? yeah...sweet, thanks for that.

-I have decided that i like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf waaaay better than starbucks.
-I am trying to find a cheap place to take Bikram Yoga, i don't think a cheap place exists
-I want to go to the Pat Green concert...but everyone is going to be out of town...if you are interested...let me know (July 2)
-I am going back to wichita in july for a friend's wedding
-I am thinking of selling one kidney in order to pay for a plane ticket to either italy to see my sister, or Taiwan to celebrate the chinese new year with Em.....if you are in the market for a new kidney (heck, I would even think about giving you a great deal for two)....let me know.AND........I am going on a float trip at Lake Havasu next saturday.....floating, sun, friends and booze.....it is going to be great.

okay...that is enough for today...have a great holiday weekend everyone :)