Sam Champion and Brooklyn Decker

Completely unrelated to each other...as far as I know.

One of the major holiday initiatives my team has been working on is the Good Morning America holiday window. Three cities were chosen to decorate a window space in the GMA studio - that can also be seen from Times Square. In addition to the branding exposure that the cities get just from the window, GMA also sent Sam Champion to that city for a day to officially "unveil" the window.

Today was Las Vegas day.

Just a side note.....GMA starts on east coast time. I live in west coast time. Think about it. Yep - that means the lives shots started at 4:00a.m.

Our 'colorful' Mayor Goodman went to NYC to do the in-studio segment with GMA, and Sam Champion broadcasted live from Fremont Street with special guest Wayne Newton. Welp - I was told by the producer that they needed someone in the background to 'do something' - I wasn't quite sure what he needed me 'to do' - but I went and stood there, and before I knew it, the cameras were rolling. Here, you can watch it for yourself - I'm just behind Wayne's left shoulder. Thanks Rhonda for finding the clip!

Wayne Newton's Las Vegas

Well, about 4 hours before this clip, I was at a private cocktail reception with SI Swimsuit model and wife of Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker.

Las Vegas is hosting the 2nd Annual SI Swimsuit Party in February, and the SI team was in Las Vegas for a partner summit and special party with NASCAR. So, after cocktails at a suite in Mirage, we headed to a private party at Pure.

Moral of the story? I didn't sleep at all last night. I left Pure, and went home to change into WARM clothes (it was FREEZING), and headed down to see my favorite weatherman.....

Here is my new pal Brooklyn: