Yesterday was national "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Yesterday was national "Talk Like a Pirate Day." What did YOU do?

Just when you think September 19th couldn't get any better.....you are proved wrong.

As many of you know, my roomate has a dog. And as many of you know....i am not keen on the idea of the roomate having the dog, but i like the roomate, and i like our friendship, so the dog can stay. When she used to talk about getting a second dog, i told her that it was either her boyfriend or the second dog - we didn't have room for both - she would have to choose

My roomate got ANOTHER dog. yes, another dog. It is a weimaraner - 9 weeks old. And she is cute....but she is still a dog...still a puppy....still not house broken.

She also doesn't have paw-eye coordination....so she runs side-ways.

The boyfriend and the second dog are both staying

I don't REALLY understand the concept of a second dog, mostly because i don't understand the concept of having even ONE dog.
1. i am selfish and want to be on my own schedule - none of this "having to leave somewhere early to go home and let the dog out." I will have enough of that when i have kids
2. i can barely take care of myself, let alone a four-legged creature
3. i am poor, i would rather by food for myself than food for a dog

I actually REALLY like dogs, i really really do.....i LOVE my parent's dogs...... just as long as someone else is taking care of them.


Happy birthday, dad.....and a little LA thrown in there

These are my feet - and that is the pacific ocean :) It was taken during my not-so-lucky LA vacation with the girls. In case you haven't heard....three of us got jaywalking tickets and we blew out a tire going 85 on I-15 between LA and LV.

We weren't even jaywalking...we were trying to get away from some guys who were harassing us on the sunset strip...we crossed the street...at a cross walk....but when hand was up. The cop was a total jerk, and he made me cry (imagine that)....and no, i don't know how much the ticket is yet.....but you better believe that Karma comes back around, Officer Brooks.

Even though it was a run of bad luck for a vacation...i couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to be with, so either way we had a great time and made lots of memories :)

It is Friday night, and i am writing a blog....what a dork

um, i am broke as a joke......after a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy took $170 of my hard earned cash...i decided the smart thing would be to stay home.

Also, this work week was jam packed....and i am over it.

Happy Birthday Dad :)


Good Morning

that's all it takes, and i am swooning.

i see one decent guy in our office building MAYBE twice a week. And I always say if i see someone on the elevator, i will use my coined pick-up line "oh, E is my favorite elevator" (they go from A to F, and they are all exactly the same)

Well sometimes at 7:55, i don't really feel like using the line, even if i see a cute boy - my morning routine is:
walk from car to building

say hello to EVERY security guard that i see (the security guards that mysteriously know my name without me ever telling them)

ask the parking attendent if he has had that MRI on his back yet (his answer is always "no, next wednesday")

pass the shoe shiner, "hello" "hello, how are you," "i am fine, you?"

get paper from guard by the elevator, say "hello and thank you"

push button for elevator, get on, stay silent, and get off on the tenth floor

BUT....today, i was thrown a fast ball

decent guy gets on elevator

thoughts in my head: "oh my gosh, do i say the line? am i even awake yet? is he cute, or is that still sleep in my eye"

AND HE SAYS "Good morning"



AND I SAY "good morning, how are you?"

(yesssss, i have proven my capability to talking like a normal human)

"i am here"

"well that is half the battle"

"but i am a little late"

i look at my watch "well, what time do you have to be here?"


"well then i think we are on time"

elevator stops on 6th floor.......

at the same time:
"well have a nice day"


and now we are blogging

Okay, so far, this blog has been random and only updated about once a month. i am going to try really hard to keep it updated on my life, career, family, current events, and boy issues :)

I have decided to run the half marathon this year - the full marathon pretty much ruined my knees and i am not sure it is worth putting them through that again just to say "i did it!" because, really, i can already say that. What i am going to work on however, is improving my 13.1 mile time, rather than just crossing the finish line.

Next up, i think i might go back to school.....not more than a class or two at a time. Also not sure what i am going to go back for, but i have ample time to figure that out before Spring. i kind of feel like i have had a year since college to relax, rest, be crazy, independent, find my way, make my mark, and fly by the seat of my pants, but now i am ready to get re-focused on some things that i want to do for me. I have done the things that i wanted to do right out of college: find a job, find a core group of friends, and settle into becoming a grown up....and now it is time to make some other goals.....

After quitting 24, there was only so long i could stand running outside in the hot, dry, boring heat...and so i joined LVAC...and now i am obsessed with the steam room

also obsessed with Sunday's marathon of Miami Ink.