I have awesome friends..continued....

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that Rachel is ONE of my greatest BSC friends. In NO way, would I ever DREAM of ranking my friends. Silly...

Rachel got her own post because she stinkin' spent time designing my blog - and I was ever so grateful.

This is my friend Courtney. We are in Ireland in this photo.
Here are the top 5 reasons that I love Courtney (notice, it is only the TOP 5, it isn't the ONLY 5, ahem).
1. Courtney is my cerebrum (yes I had to look that up) My long-term memory is almost non-existent. For what I lack in long-term memory, Courtney makes up for me ten fold. Courtney remembers EVERYthing - and what is pretty amazing is that not only does she remember everything in her own life, but she helps me to remember everything from MY high-school years as well. There are many times when someone will be talking about a story from high school, and I will have to turn to Courtney and ask her if I was there. Its awesome.
2. She is a great traveling buddy. We planned a Europe extravaganza after college graduation, and it was fabulous. (yes, I do remember how fabulous it was, thank you)
3. She loves photography and takes awesome pictures of her nephews that I stalk on facebook and her sister's blog.
4. She makes the best gooey bars in the world.
5. She is very very sincere and genuine. And perhaps those are the most fabulous qualities that you can have in a friend....

This is my friend Stina, here we are, after enjoying a fabulous dessert at a restaurant in Siena, Italy.
Top 5 reasons I love Christina -
1. Even though we went to high school together, we didn't start really hanging out until college. I can remember (shockingly) running into Christina at the dorm when I moved in freshman year, and I can distinctly remember the sense of relief I had after seeing a familiar face in a very very overwhelming environment.
2. I would like to give myself credit for getting Christina drunk for the first time in her life. Oh smirnoff ice, you were so good to us.
3. Christina is VERY tall and lets us call her Godzilla. She also introduced me to my Mint M&M obsession over the holidays. Ok, those are unrelated....
4. She was so generous to Brad and me when we went to visit her and Bob in Cayman. She was such a great tour guide, and gave us the best vacation experience two people could ask for.
5. I think that I changed the most during my college years, and Christina was there by my side the whole time. She always makes me laugh, and I love her dearly.


It's a sign...

Today I experienced reason #467 why it is a good thing my friends are having babies and i am not....

Let's start with reason #466 - It would be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me to decide on a name for it. No way. That decision is way too much pressure and way too permanent. I am in no position to bestow something so permanent upon someone who has no say in it, but will be stuck with it for the rest of his/her life. I had two fish a couple years ago, and I named them Jack and Jill. Oh so original.

Reason #467 - I am physically incapable of purchasing children's clothes. I was in Laughlin for a work event last night/this morning, so on my way out of town, I stopped by the outlet mall to try and pick up some fun things for my niece/nephew, friends' new kiddos and friends' future kiddos. It seriously almost sent me into an anxiety attack. The whole sizing thing is TOO much for me. If I get a 6mo. size now, and Finley JUST turned 6 mos, will he be able to wear throughout the WHOLE winter season? Should I get a 9mo size? What if it's Christmas themed and he doesn't fit into it until January? If I want to get something for Baby J, do I buy a newborn size? What if the baby comes out and it is an unusually big baby that is too big for the new born size? (No, Hill, I don't think your baby is going to be a 17-pounder-or something, but the newborn size look so tiny!!) I know it can't be too pink, but what if it has just a LITTLE bit of pink on it, is that ok? If I buy a 3 month outfit, should it be a winter outfit or a spring outfit?

If I get something for the future camper...will mom like something that is baseball themed? Dinosaur themed? Rockstar themed? They don't really make "I'm mama's lil rock climber" onesies!

So what was my resolution to all of these problems? I put EVERYthing I had picked out down on the nearest rack and bolted. I.cracked.under.pressure.


L.A. - Family Weekend

A couple of weeks ago, B mentioned that he wanted a vacation away from school. LA is one of his (and consequently now one of my) favorite getaway spots...so when both of us want to get away for a 'cheap' weekend, that is where we land. His sister and her boyfriend also live there, so that is a nice perk. The weekend that we were looking at was also Steve's birthday. So I hi-jacked B's plans of a weekend getaway and invited my parents. The weekend's events were all a surprise to Steve - which was fun, and slightly stressful :)

B was such a trooper and we were really able to treat my parents like VIPs in LA. B got an awesome deal at the Intercontinental for the weekend, and set up a complimentary dinner at THE GETTY for Saturday night. His aunt used to be the executive chef there, and she is still able to take really good care of her family for a few meals here and there.

Let's just say that it wasn't just 'order what you want' kind of dinner. It was an 'order what you want and we will pair EVERYTHING with a glass of wine" kind of dinner. We had 7 glasses of different wines/champagnes. It was amazing and my parents were so so grateful and excited about the experience. As was I...B has talked about going to The Getty for the past two years we have been together, but this was the first chance we got to go.

I have more photos of The Getty, but I think that deserves its own post...

At the beach

The one thing (ok, probably one of many) I can do to annoy B is to ask someone to take our photo. He HATES having his picture taken. However, I have learned that if I wait for him to have 2 beers, he is MUCH more agreeable. After two beers...look how happy he is!

Mama C and B 'looking for crabs.' Instead, they found an octopus. Ya, I don't believe them either, but they both swear by it.

Chicago Wedding

I have an awesome new camera that took me forevvvver to decide to buy. And what do I do? I forget to take pictures. I will say though, as much as I love my camera, it isn't always convenient to take out for a night on the town. It is almost like another appendage, and it takes quite a lot of effort. I digress...I took a total of about 4 photos in Chicago. Two of them were of the most amazing hot dog I have ever had.

The weekend was more than this hotdog. It was an amazing wedding with my amazing friends. Sebby looked gorgeous and I was so impressed with how calm and collected she was - and at the end of the night I don't think I ever saw her without a drink in her hand, but still looking classy and fabulous.


Do you "work" here?

I had a commercial shoot all day today down on The Strip. It started at Barneys at The Palazzo at 8:30am. (sidenote, it was an interview with Simon Doonan, the Creative Director of Barneys, who is hysterical).

The parking garage at The Palazzo is fairly convenient, and I am on this new kick of trying to cram in a few extra steps of exercise wherever I can, so I valiantly opted not to valet right in front of the store, but instead parked in self parking.

I park my car...in the very lonely parking lot, as it is 8:30am on a Tuesday. I get out of the car, thinking I am ALONE, and I hear this "Ma'am, Ma'am! Do you work here?"

I spin around, completely caught-off guard that this whole time there has been somebody watching me. Sure enough, the parking garage security guard is standing about 15 feet away with a clip board. Not to mention, he is dressed in the Palazzo 'security uniform' that resembles that of a policeman straight from Venice. It's creepy.

I immediately answer "no" while looking around totally confused and wondering if I accidentally parked in employee parking. Nope, I didn't.

In a accusatory tone, the security guard repeats "you don't work here?"

I repeat, "no, is there a problem?"

Security guard: "No, I have just seen your car here a lot."

Me, still confused and looking at my innocent car: "Is there something about my car?"

Security guard, now irritable: "No, Ma'am, it's my job to monitor cars, and I have seen yours a lot. You are sure you don't work here? And not just in the hotel, but you know, work here....."

STILL completely confused as to what about "I don't work here" this man doesn't understand, I repeat AGAIN. "no, I don't work here...I don't know what else to say,"

At this point, in a very irritable tone, the security guard says "Ok, thank you ma'am."

Now, if this would have happened in Kansas, I would have just been weirded out and annoyed that some security guard was giving me grief about being a local who frequents the same place a few times a month. But, after living in Las Vegas for 4.5 years, I OF COURSE understand that this whole "not just work at the hotel, but you know, "work here" line inferred a completely different/unacceptable/inappropriate line of work. No...I don't "work here" as in a "workin girl, thank you."


I have awesome friends. period.

Meet Rachel. She is awesome. She is one of my greatest BSC friends, an awesome mother, a fabulous marathon runner, and the only person in the world besides myself that knows my secret password to just about every online account. I essentially trust her with my life. She is also designed my wonderful blog for me. Out of the kindness of her heart. It's called Karma, and I am sure I will return the Karma in the form of Diet Coke or CC Salsa.

This is a pretty picture of Rachel (mind you, this was taken 3 years ago).

Immediately before the pretty picture above was taken, THIS happened:


The Bean.

I don't think I could ever get enough photos of The Bean. This is from August. I love it. I love the skyline. I love the reflection. I love that I look like a nerdy tourist with my nerdy camera.



I should be packing...but I'm not. I would rather write about how EXCITED I am to see these girls this weekend for yet another celebration of nuptials. Whether it is my DG girls from college, or the BSC from highschool, there is something unexplainable about time spent together, no matter how many months have passed. Reunited and it feels SO good.


The cutest little girls...

Maybe I am a little biased. But these two girls, my nieces, are adorable. huh? They came to visit this weekend.


T-Pain and Mister President

All political views on healthcare reform aside, this is HIGH-larious.