Believe that everything happens for a reason...someday we will get the answers we are looking for

I can honestly say life has thrown several curve balls lately. Good and bad. and sometimes even surreal and surprising...sometimes i have to stop for a moment for a reality check....am i really here? is this really happening? does anyone else see this? am i dreaming?

The happy blessings of life

my boss had her baby. this has many implications :) First of all...she is a mommy...that blows my mind. Claire Abigail is honestly one of the cutest new borns i have ever seen. and it is hard for a new born to be genuinely cute...usually they just look like little awkward raisins with a conehead.

my step-sister gave birth to her 3rd little bundle of joy....Vincent Andrew. I got a call straight from the mama just yesterday...7lbs or pure excitement that little guy was. can't wait to meet him! woohoo for babies and new life...god is good.

The struggles that make you stronger

so, boss has baby, boss takes maternity leave. boss takes maternity leave, jessi takes boss' work load. jessi takes boss' work load and it goes on top of current work load. not cool. However, this is a great opportunity for me, i would have never thought that at 24 i would be managing 10+ pr accounts and two account coordinators. it has been an intense past couple of weeks, but i finally think i am getting the hang of things. there have been a couple of restless nights, of waking up and thinking about everything on my growing to-do list, not being able to shake it out of my head for a while, tossing, turning...but i think i have calmed down a bit. so weird how the human body can have such a physical reaction to stress...but it is good stress, i guess? I will admit, that there is some self-satisfaction in proving myself to a lot of people...watch out world!

Coming to terms with all facets of human life

all human life comes to an end. however, what hurts the most is when a life is cut short. again, my highschool class lost a friend this past week. as i told hillary, i truly feel like our class is cursed...it is the weirdest thing...this stuff shouldn't be happening to us, but it is...for whatever reason, i don't know. but one of these days, i'm gonna find out. the news of Sarah, really more than anything ,surfaced the repressed sadness that i have for Jaclyn.....and it made for a baaad Wednesday.

It didn't help that i also found out on Wed. that our cleaning people at the office stole the petty cash that is in my drawer. Jerks. I hope that they really needed the money to buy food for their baby, or put gas in the car, or whatever....but really people, stop going through my stuff!

Gosh...just sitting here thinking about all of the FUN things that i have forgotten to blog about in the past few weeks....dang it. i have awesome pictures from the Toby Keith concert and good stories from the VMAs...both of which would have made for a better posting than this one.

Going to Stoney's tonight for some boot scootin' good ole hometown fun! can't wait.