Hump Day randomness

In the spirit of Hump Day, and all that it stands for, it is only natural that we celebrate with a quickie (blog that is )

Not only is it hump day, but i have also decided it is a day of randomness...so this will be a random blog...all that my little fingers can type during my lunch hour

word of the day: cantankerous: adj. bad-tempered; quarrelsome synonyms include: ill-natured, cross, grumpy, choleric, crabby, crusty, surly, cranky use it in a sentence...It is inevitible, and quite routine that cantankerous people work out at the gym on Saturday morning.

thought of the day: i don't think the voting system on american idol is fair. i would explain..but I dont feel like it
observation of the week: i get a wedding invitation, save-the-date card, or wedding shower invitation at least once a week. the first words out of my mouth- "ok, who's the sucker this time?"

Lesson of the Day: "Wants I rope you in there is no escaping" does NOT equal "Once I rope you in there is not escaping"

yes, that is what a 4 year journalism education at the University of Kansas and a career as a PR coordinator has warrented thus far. awesome.

is it me, or do i look like i only have one eye in my profile pic with lauren? the other eye is the one that notoriously gets lazy after a few cocktails anyway...so maybe it is better that way?

and finally....the fear of the week: I have yet to do my taxes...and when i think about that...my heart rate goes up, i get a little dizzy, and my palms sweat.....i need to get that taken care of.

okay kids....back to work....have a great hump day!