Brooklyn puts on her water wings....

When we gave Brooklyn her first bath the first week we got her, she did not like it. I was a little worried that we got the only lab in the world that doesn't like water. Quite the contrary. She loves it.

Brad's mom brought over a baby pool for Brooklyn and her cuz Midori to play in. And it has quickly become Brooklyn's favorite thing to do. When I go home over lunch, she just likes to go walk around in the pool. She doesn't even do anything, just walk around. I will have to post 'still' pictures of her playing, but in the mean time....

Another one of her favorites? The hose....


Visit from Mom

This post is looooong over due. My mom came to visit 3 weeks ago. It was a blast. I loved taking her around Tucson and being the "tour guide" - it made me feel like a real local! Friday night after we picked her up from the airport we ate at Mi Nidito. It is an authentic Mexican joint (authentic as in we are only an hour and a half from the border). It is in the original downtown of Tucson, and can be quite scary at night. But the food is awesome, as seen by the hour plus wait every night.

Saturday I took my mom and Brad to lunch at Canyon Ranch. Brad had never seen 'the inside' of the ranch - it is very high security! I gave them a mini-tour of the resort then we had a scrumptious healthy meal.

The rest of the day was spent playing with the pups, shopping, and eating dinner at one of our favorite fun spots - Kingfisher.

Sunday we took my mom to the Sonoran Desert Museum (photos below). I hadn't been before, and according to most Tucsonians, it is a must see! And I have to admit, I loved it. They had all kinds of desert animals, plants, landscape, etc etc. It was so cool, and reinforced my love of the Sonoran Desert!

And finally the photos: