great hair

Old Guy: "you have great hair"

Me: "thanks"

OG: "no, really, you have great hair"

Me: "no really, thanks, i washed it this morning"

small talk, small talk, small talk

OG: "how old are you"

me: "how old do you think i am?"

OG: "umm......33......and you look GREAT for a 33 year old"

me: "not quite that old"

OG: "27?"

me: "younger.....you know what....it doesn't really matter"

small talk, small talk, small talk

OG: "you really do have great hair....i bet it smells really good, can i smell it?"

me: "um, sure, i guess"

smells hair....which is a little awkward for others watching at the bar

OG: "is your hair naturally that straight?"

me: "no, naturally curly"

OG: "that is how my wife's is"

me: "awesome"

what a lucky lady

small talk, small talk, small talk

OG: "let's go gamble, what do you like to play?"

me: "well, black jack or craps, but I don't have any money"

OG: "you can use mine"

me: "no, that's okay, i really don't need to"

OG: "no, really, you can use mine. I think your hair is good luck"

me: "no, i should go home, i have to work in the morning"

OG: "no, come on, let's play black jack and bring your hair, it is good luck."

me: "fine"

find open $25 table, sit down, dealers name is walt - OG puts money on the table....splits the chips.....gives me half.....

asks me if he can touch my hair for good luck

fine.....whatever, i left my pride at the bar, and really i don't know anyone but alison and melissa, and they won't judge

OG: "wow, you know how to actually play"

me: "um, yes...i can hold my own"

OG: "wow, you haven't lost a hand"

me: "i think its the hair"

black jack continues....black jack continues....change dealers.....black jack continues

OG: "do you want to go to san diego tomorrow?"

me: obviously confused, and obviously no intentions "um, i have to work...."

OG: "i will fly you there.....and then back before dinner. my horse is racing at Del Mar."

me: "ohhhh....of course....your horse. what's its name?"

OG: "Klevin's Verbatim. and he's gonna win. take your winnings and go bet on him. i will fly you there....we will leave after lunch, and then i will fly you back"

me: "um, i am gonna have to pass"

black jack continues - and now it is time to go home

me: "okay, i am calling it a night, and here is your money...."

he refuses to take the money......

i refuse to take the money.....

he refuses....

i refuse.....

he tells me it is for the great hair......

i finally give in and take the money......mama could use a new purse

OR i could pay for my jaywalking ticket