My nieces

I spent a weekend in august with my brother and his family in SLC. It was a great weekend - we spent both days on the lake with their new boat, and water skiied, tubed, wakeboarded, etc. i have never been so sore in my life.....
I am finally downloading some pictures....and I couldn't resist....

Lelia and big D with their stuffed animals from gma....

my brother, the girls, and richard.

my girlies


Holy Cow...

I can not physically fathom what it is like to run this fast...Haile Gebrselassie broke the world record on Sunday, running a full marathon in 2:04:26. That is amazing.

That is a 4:45/min mile split. wow. even though i never plan on doing a full marathon again in my life (i say that, but i probably will cave sometime during a midlife crisis or something), this guy is an inspiration!


Baby Shiller!!!

I mean...how cute is Claire Abigail?!?!?! This is when she was just a day old. I can't wait to babysit her! Don't get me wrong...i miss havin the boss in the office. a lot. however, i am so excited that she gets to be home with this little bundle of joy for a few weeks. soooooo cute :) and, if she were to ever work at Vanguard, i would call her chiller.