going away, birthday, and father's day

it was an eventful weekend, i guess. after softball on friday, i joined the girls for heather's going away party. this is the first vegas friend that we have all really had move away....and it was sad, really really sad. for her last night in vegas, she wanted to go to Margaritaville...which is ironic, because we never go to margaritaville, but whatever. it turned out to be great though - minus the sporadic moments of bawling (slightly drunk) girls, it was a good time. i am sad to see her go, but know that she is following her heart, and i wish her the best. heather is an awesome girl, and i am pretty sure neil is one of the luckiest guys in chicago that she would pick up and move to be with him.

i went to get my oil changed yesterday morning...at walmart...after getting in at 4 in the morning friday night...for some reason i thought i would set my alarm for 7 to be the first in line at walmart...in hopes of not having to spend any more time than necessary at the worst place on earth. I was wrong...it was a 2 hour wait...and when you are very tired, and slightly hungover, walmart is just 100 times worse. however, i did walk to pet smart to buy some dog treats and almost bought two goldfish. They were 12 cents...then i decided it wasn't intelligent to make an impulse buy of two living creatures just because i was bored. but i have been thinking about it a lot more, and think i will go get the little fishies this week.

Yesterady was also my mom's birthday, and they had a party in the back yard...traditions of my mom's birthdays = keg, pizza, and tequila shots. seeing as though tequila and i are not friends after our little misunderstanding on cinco de mayo...i did not partake. as much as (i hate to admit) my mom and i are a lot alike, there are two things we will never see eye to eye on: tequila and running.

this morning i was finally able to sleep in, and went to the gym and ran 5.5 miles! the half marathon is still 6 months away, but i really want to run it at a much more decent pace than a 10 minute mile this year...


Georgia - sun, sand, sweat and sharks

Well, there were a few other things mixed in there...but that basically sums up the trip to St. Simons Island...well that and the wedding of course....

Friday was the rehearsal and dinner. The wedding was at Lovely Lane Chapel...and it was just as magical as the name :) Set in the middle of little brick cottages with huge willow and oak trees all around it....if it weren't 104 degrees with 80% humidity, i would have said it was perfect, however, i was sweating balls and that isn't my idea of perfection.

Apparently Steve 'saved' these hermit crabs' life, and was 'incubating' them back to good health in the kitchen sink....in a bake pan with salt water.....anyhow, it was time for them to go back to their natural habitat, and so i took them to the beach with me...their names were Mike and Stephanie, in honor of the bride and groom....I took a picture of them because they were part of the family for the weekend.

This is the beautiful bride...she was so so so excited all day. Actually, i have never seen her so excited.

Really, this picture just makes me giggle. Shake it mama :) (she is the one in the middle)

Last day at the beach....

which was a good thing, because then i saw him catch this shark. in the same water where i was just standing. his name was dave, he is a chef, and he has a son...named zeke. he once worked in the mirage...when i was like 7.


case of the mondays?

Case of the mondays? I think so.

or maybe it is a case of the "i just got back from a vacation at the beach." that could be it as well.

Either way, i have a case of it. And i am counting down the hours until i can leave work and go to the gym. weird, maybe...but i seriously have the urge to run....right now.

Georgia was good...all of the pics are on my home computer, so i will write more about it later. But all in all, it was a good trip. However, it was very hot and very humid. I can do hot, but humid is a whole other story....hair.was.a.mess.

Got to lay on the beach all weekend long, and it was amazing. until the last day....the guy i was sitting by was fishing, and within about 10 minutes caught a shark. no kidding. i will post the pic later. his name was Dave, and i told my mom that i thought dave belonged in a movie - he just had this presence about him that would make him perfect for the "island man that is pretty decent looking, but has a kid, but is still a charmer and fishes all day....and talks in a southern accent" role. he is a chef, and even after learning my name, still called me "vegas."

Here is the one pic i have at the office....this is my beautiful mother and me....

More to come about the trip later....i promise.


Quick update...and I mean quick

I don't have time to do this....but I have been at work since 7:30, and don't plan on going anywhere for lunch, so i think a 10 minute break to post a blog should be alright.

Life has been, for the most part, pretty great (I will explain the 'for the most part' in a second).

Work has really been kicking my butt lately...which is good. I am taking on a lot more account executive responsibilities, meaning more ownership of projects, more client interaction, and more pressure :) However, it also makes the day a lot more enjoyable...i can leave at the end of the day and feel very accomplished...kind of a personal/professional satisfaction feeling. I also had got a great hit for one of MY clients last week, and have been recognized and praised both from the client and our partner in Salt Lake on my work for it - which is very encouraging.

My step sister is getting married this weekend in St. Simons Island, Georgia...and i am SO excited for it....i love getting out of town for the weekend, and we are staying on right on the beach. Although, i just checked the weather and i think it is supposed to rain all weekend, boo to that.

Got a pedicure last night....the lady took the liberty to cut my toe nails really short without my permission, and not 5 minutes after i left the place did i smudge the polish on the gas pedal in my car. Did i mention that i also broke the heel of my shoe yesterday as well? yeah..just my luck. whatever, no use crying over spilled lemonade.

And perhaps what is VERY exciting news...my 'sister' Blaney is back in town for the summer...and i am so excited to see her soooooon.

Now for the sad news. A family friend from El Dorado has passed away. Charlie was in Prague for just a couple of weeks studying abroad when he was found unconcious and unresponsive in his room. Charlie's family has gone through a lot in the past year - losing their mother pretty much unexpectedly to cancer....anyhow...his whole family is pretty close to my family (dad and mom's side)...and Charlie was a groomsman in my step-brother's wedding...so his loss has affected a lot of people. Not to mention he made going to the Mad Hatter that much better with just a mere hug ;)


Remember, life is short...never pass up an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you.