for the sake of a friendship, i MUST post a blog

Today i was threatened to post a blog or i shall never receive any more gossip from the country of Taiwan.

i must post a blog.

the problem is, emilie, the gossip you are probably looking for is not 'blog' appropriate, but i shall do my best :)

Work - is good :) i love the two girls (women, i guess) that i work with, and it makes sitting in my cubicle in a room the size of a small apartment, that much more enjoyable. As any job, it has its ups and downs. One thing that i am struggling with, though, is at the end of the day - what really have i done? i am not sure that at the end of the day i can go home and feel as self-fulfilled as i want to feel from a job. I am constantly weighing the options of going back to school (very likely) or switching careers (which would be likely if i had any idea what i wanted to do).

This week I am house/dog sitting for the 'rents. As you may know, i am not a huge fan of dogs....BUT, watching MY dogs is different. Maggie is growing older by the second - not to mention she is as deaf as one little dog can be. That is no lie....i can lift up her ear when she is sleeping, and YELL her name....and no response. Yes, this is funny, and kind of endearing, BUT, it is really annoying when it is time to put the dogs out, and i can't find her - i can't call her name and expect her to come running, i have to go search for her, tap her on the back to wake her up, and motion to come downstairs. But i love her. Daisy isn't deaf, she is spoiled. She follows me everywhere, and when she wants me to pet her while i am in the bathroom, i have to draw the line somewhere.

The half marathon is in less than 2 months - I just got back from a 6 mile run that went surprisingly well.....training for the half is leaps and bounds better than training for the full....it isn't quite as time consuming, and i don't dread every weekend run like i did last year. I can actually say this time training is enjoyable, whereas last time training was dreadful.

i have no boy update....end of story.

My mom bought me a coach purse for watching the dogs.....i think that i might now be a purse snot, and will never be able to settle for anything less than a designer purse.....i am a sell out, and i don't like it.

Oh, and my hair is brown now. I don't have a good picture of it yet - the pics i have are from last weekend, right after i got it done, and it wasn't just brown, it was red. for a brief second, i thought of myself as a red head....luckily that all faded, and i am pretty happy with the brown that it is now.

Going out tonight, i shall let you know tomorrow if brunettes have more fun :)

love you all......take care :)