2 Days.....2 DAYS!!

2 days...and here is what i can't stop thinking about:

the four loads of laundry i need to do

the 800 pictures i need to erase off my camera

the dead iPod i need to revive before i leave

the 'undecided upon' bag i need to pack

the sleep i want to get before i go

seeing Sliv in chicago!!

eating gelato at least twice a day

people watching

drinking a lot of wine....italian wine, spanish wine....what have you

smelling the gloriousness of public transportation

not working for 2 weeks

having 2 hour dinners with missy

italian bakeries for breakfast

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.


3 days

Well, besides being my favorite Pat Green song.....3 days means that there are approximately 72 hours standing between me and carafes of red wine, gelato, italian accents, smelly metro rides, and......finally......a vacation.

Melissa and I are so so so excited. So excited that at one point last night I thought Melissa's eyes just might pop clear out of her head in anticipation for this weekend.

However....I don't know who (ahem) didn't check the March Madness schedule when making plans to leave the country for two weeks...but with a number 1 seed in a really awesome bracket, I am a little irritated at that person.

That's alright, I will remember that when we are having a two hour italian dinner in Rome with multiple bottles of wine. Suckers.

Lastly, I am a guitar hero. B, you have two weeks two practice....good luck :)


Ugh, keeping up with a blog is like.....every other New Year's resolution

Ok, so.....i suck at this. There, I said it, its out there.

However, I am going to try, try, to get better at it. The thing is, is that what I want to blog about isn't always appropriate for public viewing.

The other thing is that I have been on a rollercoaster of emotion since my last blog entry, which was....well, you can see for yourself. So much to catch up on, and so much more I want to write. This was my 'baby steps' toward getting back into blogging. I know...alert the press, right?