Pioche, NV...saloons, cafes, stuffed wildlife, and campside fun

Pretty sure this is looooong over due, but i wanted to make sure that our trip to Pioche and Echo Canyon went down in the history books. We went a couple of weekends ago - for Melissa's birthday. Instead of doing the whole, dinner, drinks, dancing, out and about on the strip bday thing, we decided to stop just talking about camping, and actually do it. So we did. We drove to Pioche on Friday night....stopping in Caliente for dinner at the ONLY place that was still serving food at 9pm. And the only food he served was whatever he could throw in the deep fryer. Alison, Meliss, Erin and I had our fried food, a toast to Melissa's bday, and headed to the hotel in Pioche.....and here it is...

I am pretty sure the Overland Saloon had never seen the likes of 12 Vegas girls...but i am sure they loved it. We had a few (too many) drinks in the saloon...took some pictures with the dead/stuffed elk, deer, mountain lions, whatever, then went to bed.

Echo Canyon is about 15 miles from Pioche...we set up camp, unloaded the coolers, and a couple of went for a hike. James just got a new camera...so were ever so lucky to have our very own personal semi-professional photographer with us at all times. Here are just a few:

We are such happy little campers...

There are a lot more that i could put up....but they get kind of out of hand once of the bottle of wine (random for a camping trip) was cracked open.


Ali's Bday celebration(s)... allll three of them

This a blog dedicated to Ali's birthday celebration(s)....I guess when you share your bday with a country, you are entitled to celebrate it three times, right Ali? i loved every moment of it, so i am not complaining. Not to mention she pretty much threw me the most surprising surprise bday party for me - so i think three celebrations would be the least i could do....here is recap.

Celebration #1

It started with a baseball game. We went to the 51s game on Tuesday night (here birthday eve)...and it was a lot A LOT of fun. There were 14 of us...and a combination of 118 degree heat with a few too many overpriced beers equalled a great time for all. We stayed til the end of the game...but only for the fireworks, and they were definitely worth it!

After the game, Ali and I (and Billy and Brett) headed to Fremont Street - where all classy Las Vegans go for a night on the town...and there is no better place to be classy than Hogs and Heiffers. duh.

Ok, so supposedly i like country dancing so much that i am willing to do it with anyone that can keep up. Not sure how i even met this chap...Pretty sure he was old enough to be my grandpa - whatever, he could keep up, and that was all that mattered.

And here is a close up of my dancing partner....this pic will make mama proud for sure.

HAHAHA - so my dance moves were SO good, that he even gave me a thumbs up. This picture does make me proud, though, because i am drinking water. i am so responsible :)

And then, i finally nabbed a dance partner that was more my age....although, his moves weren't quite as stellar, Billy did alright for a beginner.

Celebration #2

Wednesday i somehow managed to trick Ali into thinking that i was going to spend the day with my parents....but to her surprise, spent the day with her and our friends at April's pool. It was a loooooong and hot day, full of snacking, volleyball, sitting around, laughing, watching Joel make a spectacle of himself, flippy cup, and fireworks. Can't complain - it was just what a day off work should be....and going to work on Thursday was NOT fun...but i did it anyway.

Celebration #3

Saturday night we went to Cherry at Red Rock. Jeff got a table, Rusty improved his dance moves, Joel kept his shirt on (for the most part), Alison should have worn a turtle neck, April got a 70 year old to dance on the pole, Angie left early due to consumption, and Peter left early to play black jack. The night ended with some sub-par Fat Burger, and I finally got home around 4 in the morning. Here is a 'family' photo of Joel, Ali, and me (and the only PG photo of Ali from the night)