My not-so-secret obsession...

Wedding photography blogs. I'm obsessed. As in, sometimes I catch myself wasting away an hour (easily) catching up on all my favorites. Maybe the 'weirdest' thing about my obsession is that I am not even "that girl" that has dreamed of her wedding day since she was 5. I have not planned out every detail of my "big day," I don't have a wedding folder, I don't have my colors picked out...blah blah blah. I seriously have an obsession with wedding photography. Although - at this point it has grown into an obsession of other people's weddings, but it still has not made me think any more of my own eventual wedding. Ok, that's a lie. I want to get married on the beach.

So here is a list of my faves. Most are in SoCal.

My all time favorite-I-want-to-be-this-girl blog: http://www.jasminestarblog.com/

Not always weddings - but really awesome photojournalism: http://bobbyearle.blogspot.com/

An amalgamation of other wedding photographers: http://greylikesweddings.wordpress.com/

There are a few others - but those are the must-sees.

Brad asked me not too long ago what I would do if money was no object. Wedding photography. THIS kind of wedding photography. Not the "ok, I need the mother of the bride, the sister of the groom and 5 ushers to line up shortest in front, tallest in back" kind of photographer.


babies and exotic adventures

I have neither of those. I have joked with my high school friends before that I don't think that I 'deserve' a blog because blogs are for people with babies or people who live in exotic places and want to make their friends back in the states see how awesome their overseas adventures are compared the mundane life of the continental U.S. But I digress. So here it is...the gazillionth time for me to say "i'm back to blog writing, haven't you missed me?" Ya, I didn't think so.

To be continued.....