Meet Midori

No....we did not get another puppy. We aren't crazy

Brad's mom is training a puppy through Canine Companions. She will raise/train Midori for 15 months, teaching her more than 25 commands (it's intense) with the goal being that at the end of the 15 months, Midori will 'pass the test' and move on to a more intensive training before she is matched as a service dog. See the resemblance? :) Midori is half lab, and half golden retriever. Brooke is all lab.

We are so happy to have Midori around, so finally Brooklyn can bite on something other than our hands and toes.

Exhibit A: (no puppies were harmed in the making of this blog post)

Midori's ear is green from a special 'stamp' she received right before she boarded the plane and headed all the way from San Jose, to Seattle, then to Phoenix.

Midori and Brooklyn love love LOVE to play with each other and roll around all over the back yard. No words are necessary, I will just post pictures.

Tomorrow, I will post the story of Brooklyn, the Houdini Dog.