I have a confession.

I am not perfect.

This (humbling) fact has been made perhaps even more clear after 11 months of living with my significant other (read domestic partner, or DP).

I've lived with a fair share of roommates - and I even lived with my parents post-college graduation - and still I was able to keep my issues to myself, my emotions hidden (for the most part) and my skeletons safely in my closet.

Nothing compares to or prepares you for dating your roommate.

I have weird quirks and (supposedly) annoying habits. If you asked me a year ago what those were, I would have told you that I have to wash my feet before bed and sometimes I leave the milk on the counter.

Until I lived with a DP. Now all of my dirty laundry is aired out for him to see. And nothing has ever made me feel more vulnerable.

  • All I want for dinner is spoonfuls of peanut butter dipped in honey.
  • If my jeans are too tight I dramatically throw myself on the bed, cry, and refuse to leave the house.
  • I say ridiculous things (translated: embarrassing) in front of big groups of smart people.
  • I start reading a 'big kid' book and don't have the patience or attention span to get past page 15 (ok, that is pretty much all the time)
  • I like to watch documentaries about mass murderers and serial killers....like for hours and hours
  • I google really ridiculous searches...that aren't meant to be found on my search history later by another user.
  • Facebook stalking can keep me occupied for HOURS. 743 not-private photos? Don't mind if I do!
  • I laugh at things that aren't funny to the general population. And I laugh LOUD. So that everyone around can hear me.
  • I shop online. too much. As evidenced by deliveries to our house on a twice-a-week basis.
When I first moved in with my DP, I had a really hard time letting these 'secrets' go. Ok - so they may not be exactly 'skeletons,' but they also aren't something I voluntarily share when asked "what's new?"

But now? It makes me feel even more loved that after all of this, all of my ridiculousness, he still kind of likes me and wants to call me his girlfriend.



Rachel said...

Aw, I bet I'd like this DP of yours. :)

K Mo said...

Haha...I can totally relate..especially to the first 2. And by the way, I love all of these things about you (as does Bradly).