My new obsession: Oatmeal breakfast cookies

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. So much so that I usually eat two breakfasts a day. My latest obsession is an oatmeal breakfast cookie, created by The Fintessista (who is such a doll). You can even watch her video tutorial on how to make them here.

So for the past week, I have been preparing two of these babies the night before - one for me and one for B before he heads to class.



I love the texture (soft and chewy)and I love being able to use a variety of mix-ins for whatever I am feeling that day (cocunut, dried apricots, cinnamon, dried cranberries, etc).

I have been kind of in a 'rut' as far as a fitness routine...so to mix it up a little I have been swimming laps with one of my besties at this beautiful pool way up in the foothills (the picture doesn't do the view any justice).

I am NOT a swimmer. Like at all. My heavy breathing and sky-rocketing heart rate during a swim makes me feel like a 400lb smoker trying to walk up the stairs. Little by little, I think I am getting better though. Yesterday I swam 1000m. It was glorious. I also did a 30 minute weight circuit during the day for my lunch break.

This morning the little nugget and I got up super early to crank out a 3 mile run (with a break at the dog park in the middle) before it got too hot. She is so dramatic when we get back from runs....

But then she pulled it together for a glamour shot (I don't know how her eyeball got cut off....)

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Rachel said...

You are posting your photos at a wider pixel size then your blog body. You need a makeover. :)

I'm loving the recipes! Finley and I just started eating more oatmeal, you know for our cholesterol. :) This cookie would be fun!