One year

My friends here and here have kids who just turned one....I have a dog that just turned one. And she weighs more than both of those babies combined...and then some.

Here are some interesting tid bits about life with Brooklyn:
1. She can finish 3 cups of food in one minute flat. The house could be burning down and she wouldn't dare take her snout out of her food bowl for a hot second to even consider escaping.
2. She sleeps under our bed. Not on top. Under. She has to wedge herself under there....i am waiting for the day when she gets stuck. It will be funny.
3. She startles herself when she farts.
4. Going up and down the stairs is the most stressful part of her day. She cries and cries and cries during the whole ordeal. It isn't that she doesn't know how to walk up or down them. It is that she mentally pysches herself out. I don't know what her issue is.....it could be that her little claws slip and slide all over the place.



Back when Brooke was just a month old...she played with this same dog


Rachel said...

Your dog is almost as cute as the one year old babies.

Christina and Bob said...

How has your pup had a stuffed animal for a year? It wouldn't last 15 min under Siena's watch!

Emilie said...

This post made me so happy that there are people like you to love dogs! You guys are great puppy parents.